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Lower Back and Neck Traction Table Treatment for Spinal Pain

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About Lower Back and Neck Traction Table Treatment for Spinal Pain

Can back pain be fixed without surgery? Sometimes. Depending on the type of pain you experience and the centralized location of that pain, you may have a lot of treatment options available to you.

How does a Traction Table Work?

Commonly referred to as a chiropractic traction table, this specialized table is a good non-surgical approach to removing pressure on spinal discs. The process of eliminating stress is enabled by stretching and manipulating the muscles around your spine and the spinal discs to create space.

The Chiropractic traction table goal is to relieve your pain or discomfort that can come from back problems, joint pain, sciatica, and more.

Improve Your Quality of Life Today

Many of our patients prefer Non-Surgical Treatment for Back Pain to other treatment forms because the process is very straightforward, does not require surgery, and has been shown to improve your function while reducing the same pain in common pain conditions.

Using many different types of treatment, we are able to help our clients fix and address many of their pain problems with modern non-surgical solutions.

Break the Pain Cycle

Our team at Pain Healing Center is here to help relieve your chronic pain and lose weight! We offer a bunch of non-surgical options backed by science and implemented by medical professionals.

Reach to our team by filling out the form or call us to set up an appointment!

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Dr. Benni and staff are the best pain management in the area. They listen to your problems and take care of them. Very nice staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Billy NguyenActual Pain Customer

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