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Injections and procedures:

Your provider may recommend or  radiofrequency ablation to relieve nerve pain.  Steroid injections deliver pain relief medication directly to the painful area.
  • Lifestyle changes: Certain lifestyle changes can relieve pain. If you carry extra weight or have obesity, your provider may recommend losing weight. People who eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and manage stress levels may be less likely to have chronic pain.
  • Medications: Depending on the type of pain, your provider may recommend prescription or over-the-counter medications to relieve discomfort.

About Our Treatment Options

Your provider may recommend one approach or a combination of several pain management techniques. These may include:
  • At-home remedies: You may be able to relieve pain by doing at home treatment.
  • Counseling and therapy: Some patients benefit from referral to psychological consultation for Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and biofeedback can help you manage chronic pain by changing how your mind reacts to physical discomfort. Because chronic pain can also lead to depression and anxiety, your provider may recommend other types of therapy, counseling or meditation to help you manage these emotions.
  • Exercise: Your provider may recommend Pilates, yoga, tai chi, swimming or walking. These exercises can reduce chronic pain, improve posture and help your body work better overall. They also benefit your mental health and help you stay balanced.
  • Hands-on treatments: Spine traction machine treatment in done in the officeAlso many people find pain relief from referral to physical therapy.

Common Treatment Options

Medical Marijuana

For All Sorts of Conditions


Become the best you, all with as little pain as possible.

PRP Injections

Discover the natural healing of platelet-rich plasma injections

Chronic Pain

  • Nerve Blocks
  • Disc Compression
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Spinal Decompression

Weight Related Pain

  • Diet Perscription
  • Weight Asssessment
  • Workout Organization
  • Behavior Counseling

Common Pain Areas

  • Spinal Cord Injust Pain Syndromes
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Knee and Hip Pain
  • Chest Wall Pain, Acute & Chronic
  • Cancer Pain

Acute Pain Management

  • Pain Associated with Surgical Incisions
  • Post Stroke
  • Central Pain Syndromes
  • Diabetic Neuropathies

Dr. Benni and staff are the best pain management in the area. They listen to your problems and take care of them. Very nice staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Billy NguyenActual Pain Customer

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