Doc Cervical/Lumbar Spinal Decompression Table

What Separates This Table From The Rest?

Multiple Ranges of Motion

One of the only tables on the market offer prone or supine treatments while at the same time offering flexion, extension, lateral flexion AND rotation.

This leads to

  • Greater ability re—create centralizing position
  • Almost Limitless Patient Positions
  • Increased Effectiveness
  • Increased Patient Comfort

Disc Angle Level Indicator

Allows the table to adjust to the exact angle for targeting a specific disc level increasing accuracy and specificity.

Table Elevation

A 21 to 29 inch range allows far customizable working height and accompanies a variety of patient body types.

Patient Safety Switch

Safety feature allowing a patient to immediately stop the treatment due to pain, spasm, or discomfort.

Scratch Resistant Powder Coat

Shiny; rust resistant, long lasting finish with scratch resistant technology.

Secure Fit Pelvic Capture System

The pelvic capture system securely captures the pelvis for a of body types providing just the right combination of fit and comfort.

Smart Response Technology

Continually measures and responds in milliseconds to decrease spasms promote relaxation and encourage higher negative pressures.

Knee Rest

Reinforced in the corners to decrease wear. Provides patient comfort and promotes relaxation and maximum hip flexion

Cervical Capture Headpiece

Fully adjustable with the perfect combination of secure fit and patient comfort. Less discomfort, slipping and pressure than other decompression systems.

Real Time Graphing

Real time graphing gives the practitioner immediate feedback allowing for treatment adjustments and protocol fine tuning to increase comfort and accuracy while decreasing spasm discomfort

Custom Software

Our custom software allows for easy, fast, fine tuning of time, force, angle, hold and relax times and table height making every treatment fully customizable, specific and effective.

At the Pain Healing Center we are dedicated to treating our patients with care and compassion utilizing multiple treatment modalities, emphasizing the least invasive options as first line. Our goal is to reduce our patient’s pain and improve patient’s daily quality of life